Triathloning for Physical Therapy Research
Jim's Tri for Charity Page

Why Triathlon?
I was introduced to triathlon at the age of 12 by my uncle (that's him with me after we had both finished the Chicago triathlon last year). He is an extremely driven, competetive, and inspiring individual. I admire his ability to discipline himself for such a demanding sport. These are things I want to become.

Why training for charity?
Triathlon, and really all individual endurance sports, are inherently selfish. We swim, bike, run and race all to make ourselves better. But how does the world benefit? Sure, one can inspire, but I want to do more than just inspire.

Why Foundation for Physical Therapy?
I am a physical therapist, and day in and day out, I am overwhelmed by the impact therapy can have in someone's life. But as a therapist, I am always driven to do things a better way. One way to be better is through research. The Foundation for Physical Therapy is the most important funding out there for physical therapy start-up research.

Upcoming Events
Here are the events planned for my 2007 "racing" season (its all training, right?)

May 27, 2007: Madison Half Marathon (13.1 miles) in beautiful Madison, of course

June 2, 2007: Trek 100 Ride for Hope in Waukesha, WI, for me and my friend Pete, a 100K ride through the rolling hills of south eastern Wisconsin

June 17, 2007: Wisconsin Triterium Triathlon in Verona Wiscosin, an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5 K Swim, 25.5 Mi bike, 10K run)

July 22, 2007: Spirit of Racine Half Ironman Triathlon in Racine, WI. This is the big one for me this year, and is a huge stepping stone towards attempting a full Ironman in the near future.